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Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planning is a non-surgical periodontal therapy, also known as conventional periodontal therapy which removes the dental plaque and calculus. These are a prerequisite for the arrest and cure of periodontal disease; together with plaque control, they constitute the major means by which the disease is prevented.

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums and bone with bacteria or plaque. This, in turn, may lead to bone loss and pocket (large space or gaps for bacteria to live) formation around the teeth.

Scaling and root planning are not separable procedures. Scaling and root planning is an integral part of periodontal therapy.

Scaling is the process by which it removes the plaque and calculus with dental instruments or ultrasonic scalars. It deep cleans on and below the gum line. Root planning is the process by which residual embedded calculus and portion of cementum are removed from the root to produce a smooth, hard and clean surface.

When Is Scaling and Root Planning Recommended?

Plaques are always formed on one's teeth, but if they aren't cleaned properly these bacteria cause the gums to be inflamed. The gums get pulled away from teeth, which in turn gets deposited to the pockets. These can't be removed with regular brushing and this infection becomes worse quickly. So it's important to have the treatment soon, else it could lead to bone and tooth loss.