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Night Guards and Sports Guards

Mouth Guards acts as a protector for those people who are suffering from Bruxism, an unconscious habit of teeth grinding and for ones involved in sports activities. Mouth guards are made of high quality materials. This protective device for the mouth which covers teeth's and gums can be well explained in its two different forms or names  Night Guards and Sports Guards.

Both differ from their purpose of use. As the name suggests sport guards are considered to protect mount from serious impacts occur during sports activities, while night guards are suggested to those patients who can't prevent the practices of clenching and grinding while sleeping even without their intention.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding may be a crucial problem for patients since it causes discomfort, chronic stress and pressure, frequent headache and jaw pain, and destabilizing bites. Mouth guards resolve this issue by preventing possible damage to teeth, anyways it's not exactly a treatment which could stop teeth clenching or grinding.

An oral tooth to wear while you sleep so as to absorb those forces and to get out of these problems is termed as Night Guards. This protects your teeth effectively from damage caused by clenching and grinding during sleep. Night guards are made up of harder material.

Sports Guard

Occurring injuries to teeth and mouth during sports activities or physical activities are very familiar. Hence sports guards are well prescribed for an athlete to protect his teeth from being damaged as their physical activities might result in an injury to mouth.

A properly fitted sport guard will be comfortable for users to talk and breathe as usual.

Choosing mouth guards depending upon patient's dental conditions and purposes is prior important. Those commercially sold sports guards not only unfit, but feels uncomfortable too. Hence custom made appliance from your dentist will be the ever best solution.