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Full Mouth Reconstruction

For those who have continuous dental problem throughout, a permanent solution is necessary which improves both teeth function and aesthetics.Full mouth reconstruction is a combination of reconstructive procedures which delivers aconfidence to smile for the patients. As the name suggests full mouth reconstruction refers to restoring all of the teeth in upper and lower jaws.
To restore the good condition or to restore the former privilege refers to full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation.
The major reason to opt mouth rehabilitation is to achieve and maintain periodontal tissues.

Full mouth reconstruction is opted for:

  • Those teeth that have injured
  • Those lost due to decay
  • Frequent complaints with upper and lower jaw
  • Severe pain white bite or chew and headache

Full mouth reconstruction is the optimum solution for those who are suffering from Ectodermal Dysplasia, Ameliogenesis, or DentinogenisisImperfectakind of conditions.This rebuilding of whole teeth relates aestheticism with the restorative dentistry science to improve the overall oral condition of a person.

In full mouth reconstruction, the process includes the implementation of a full set of crowns and other restorations such as veneers. This portion of the rehabilitation can begin when your jaw has finally come to its ideal position. The use of porcelain crowns and veneers raises your teeth into the optimal position and keeps them there. This not only cures the painful symptoms of malocclusion rather it helps to restore the appearance of your teeth with charm.

In general, any dental treatment that affects all teeth in the mouth is called full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation