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Dental Sealants have got great hands to stop tooth decay in the modern culture. Dental sealants are plastic coatings usually placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth. It protects the molars and premolars - chewing surface of the permanent back teeth from acids and bacteria which created tooth decay.

Even though brushing and flossing remove food particles and plaques from tooth surfaces, they can't extract the food and plaque from deep grooves and depressions.

Sealants are recommended to use soon after the molars have erupted, so as to take prevention form decay. The best part of this method is its simplicity. Sealant does not require any complex processes like drilling or removal of teeth structure. A special gel is placed on the chewing surfaces of cleaned teeth. The sealant is painted on the tooth after wash and dry. In a minute sealant start to act as a protective shield.

Sealants benefit both children and adults regardless of patients' age to the fight against tooth decay. They are light or white colored, hence it's visible only on a close look. Dental sealants last for many years before a reapplication is needed. Therefore they often save time, money, reduce the discomfort of treatment procedures and provides oral health.