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Dental Implant and Restorations

Tooth loss is an awkward situation which affects everything from your appearance the way you smile, speak and bite.

Replacement of missing teeth is becoming a usual practice in human daily life. To be a beautiful women or handsome man is a basic desire of everyone regardless of their age.

Therefore the dental patients demand is increasing. Studies have shown as graphs keep an ascending path in the consumption of dental implants and restoration every year. While the present life style and beverages results in teeth missing and infection in early stages of one's life, dental implants are really beneficial to those patients.

The procedure of dental implants goes through 2 stages: placement of replacement tooth, followed by placement of a crown.

A wide variety of dental implant procedures exists in the market today. The best method will be implemented on a patient after the details consultation with the dentists.

Dental implants are composed of bio compatible Titanium which gets places in missing teeth area. The term restoration refers to “False Tooth”. This tooth is attached to the implant and acts like a normal tooth.A restoration could be of replacing the root of one or more missing teeth. It can last for lifetime, thus it possess a good value.

Implant restoration treatment involves three basic steps: Placement of the implant, healing process, and placement of prosthesis. Since healing is inevitable in between this procedure duration is variable.
Dental implants restoration also prevent healthy teeth from shifting, grant you to chew well, and they also keep the natural shape of your face.