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Complete Dentures

Dentures which are artificial teeth are one of the blessed inventions to patients of teeth replacement. With the smart approach it helps you to smile in confidence regardless of a person's age. A Complete Denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces specific amounts of teeth and gum tissue. Some patients have only a lower denture, some only an upper and some have both lower and upper complete dentures.

Benefits of Complete Dentures

  • Cost is less for replacing all teeth in an entire arch
  • Pleasing approach
  • Simple and short treatment procedures

Complete dentures can be categorized into two, "Conventional" or "Immediate."

Conventional Dentures

Conventional denture starts with the process of removing teeth for at least eight weeks, before manufacturing denture. This is practiced to heal the tissues from extractions, fix the dentures accurately and keeping the tissues under the denture stable.

Fabricating Complete Dentures in this way is very precise, however for a patient who does not have a denture, would be without teeth during this time. This sounds a tough situation for patients, but don't get worried, it's here Immediate dentures come into role.

Immediate Dentures
A smiling face without teeth is really a drastic situation. For humans each day is important to their life. Being a patient who get into teeth replacement, it takes minimum 8 weeks to get heal the tissues after removal. For the time being to adapt conventional dentures, immediate dentures can be used.

Therefore the patients are never out of front teeth.

Immediate denture, as the name suggests is done within hours, it offers you never have to be out without the teeth even for a single day. But you need to get relined the denture once your jaw gets healed.

Usually Immediate Dentures need to be relined within 2-6 months because of tissue changes that take place following the extractions completed at day of denture delivery.